Admiral Tamayo is decorated with four (4) Coast Guard Legion of Honor Awards, three (3) Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medals, one (1) AFP Outstanding Achievement Medal, two (2) Coast Guard Out- standing Achievement Medals, two (2) Coast Guard Gawad sa Kaunlaran Medals, one Coast Guard (1) Bronze Cross Medal, twenty (20) Military and Coast Guard Merit Medals, six (6) Military and Coast Guard Commendation Medals, and several campaign me- dals, plaques, Certificates of Merit/Appreciation, and Letters of Commendations.


The Order of Lakandula

Four (4) Coast Guard Regions of Honor Awards

Thee (3) Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medals

One(1) AFP Outstanding Achievement Medal

Two (2) Coast Guard Outstanding Achievement Medals

Two (2) Coast Guard GawadsaKaunlaran Medals

One (1) Coast Guard Bronze Cross Medal

(20) Military and Coast Guard Maritime Medals

Six (6) Military and Coast Guard Commendation Medals

Several Campaign Medals, Plaques, Certificates of Mc Appreciation, and

Letters of Commendations