Strategic Deployments and Visibility

The Commandant's Compass


With the limited number of resources and a vast maritime area to cover, the PCG strategizes the deployment of its assets to maximize Coast Guard presence and at the same time lessen response time during maritime incidents. Available statistics and records on areas where maritime disasters are prevalent as well as areas with high volume of maritime traffic are obtained and periodically analyzed to come up with an ideal plan as to what type of vessel, what kind of specialized personnel and which equipment will be deployed. The PCG continues to strengthen and integrate its operational capabilities for sustained strategic and flexible deployments, and to provide the much-needed presence or visibility in the operating environment.

The Coast Guard continues to upgrade and maintain the operational readiness of deployable assets such as ships, small crafts, aircrafts, and special units or teams for cost-effective response to marine casualties, disasters, incidents, threats, and/ or other hazards. Deployable Response Groups (DRG) in every District has been established to have a ready pool of highly- trained and well-equipped personnel to be deployed and employed during any maritime emergencies.

The deployment and employment of Coast Guard assets will continue to be governed by the guiding principles of unity of command/ effort/ action, span of control, integrated/ layered approach, inter-agency cooperation, interoperability, and strategic Coast Guard presence or visibility in the operational areas.

Towards this end, the CG Major Units, Districts, Stations and/or Detachments undertake the following: Conduct of regular trainings, drills and exercises to enhance the skills and confidence of each personnel in the performance of PCG functions.

Upgrade Coast Guard Districts' respective DRGs that could readily respond to practically any conceivable type of maritime emergency.

Hold continuing dialogues with the coastal communities and stakeholders on the services the PCG can offer to be able to better position such services.

Upgrade and maintain the operational readiness of OPCON/deployable assets to be able to readily undertake Coast Guard missions and mandated functions.

Improve on the integrated/ layered approach or strategy in the deployment and employment of capabilities for unified or collective response to a maritime threat/ crisis situation.

Strengthen Coast Guard operational capabilities and presence through sustained and flexible deployment of OPCON assets.