Tour of Duty


The PCG continues to develop and exercise a systematic anticipation or forehandedness in pursuit of its man- dates. This implies more vigilance and an absolute "NO to complacency. It means taking more time and effort to foresee possible problems/challenges and the corresponding operational needs that may arise. It entails the formulation of both administrative and operational plans much ahead of time to efficiently and effectively prepare manpower, equipment and facility to address maritime incident prevention and response requirements. It means our inherent willingness and attentiveness to anticipate or continuously monitor significant developments in the operating environment and even to hear or learn of unpleasant news or reports particularly on maritime incidents at the soonest possible time so that timely, sustained and appropriate action is undertaken to be able to save lives and property at sea and to protect or secure the maritime environment.

Preparedness requires organizational, manpower and equipment readiness, operating environment awareness and strategic deployment of surface, air and ground assets and deployable response group of well-equipped and high- trained personnel to be able to shorten response time to maritime incidents or to deter maritime law infractions.


The PCG continues to develop well-established linkages with both the government and private sector. This means strengthening mutual working relationships with partner nations and agencies in order to achieve common goals. It means identifying and working hand in hand with persons as well as institutions and other stakeholders that can help us carry out our mandates and institutional plans. This also means being aware of our strengths and weaknesses, sharing our strengths with others, and seeking the support of others to help us work on each other's weaknesses. Most of all, this means continuing to learn about and implementing best practices that can be adapted into the Philippine setting and the PCG system. Linkages among our detachments, stations, districts, support commands and with partner nations, services and agencies must therefore continue to be strengthened.


The PCG ensures that quality public service shall be delivered at all times. This means consciously taking steps to improve public satisfaction in the Coast Guard service. It means continuously honing our skills and craft from the Headquarters down to the lowest command levels or field units so that we may be able to carry out or perform our mandates more efficiently and effectively. It means optimum and proper use of available resources and more efficient conduct of operations through experiences, lessons learned, competence, confidence-building measures, dedication to duty and good work ethics.

Passion to Serve

It is the Philippine Coast Guard's duty to serve the society and attend to the needs of the maritime stakeholders round-the-clock. The PCG aims to implement zero maritime casualties by being more proactive and by increasing maritime safety awareness to further promote safety of life and property at sea. The future may be made up of many factors but the Coast Guard service truly lies in the hearts and minds of competent, courageous and hardworking men and women of the Philippine Coast Guard who are truly dedicated to serve our beloved country and to bravely risk their own lives so that others may live.