Operating Environment Awareness

The Commandant's Compass


Coast Guard operations also rely significantly on the manner we develop our operating environment awareness. Such initiative is needed to plan and eventually improve Coast Guard prevention, preparedness, response and recovery operations and services. As such, every Coast Guard unit and personnel shall have a clear picture of the daily maritime activities in their respective areas of responsibility. Coast Guard operating units must always be on top of the situation concerning maritime activities or incidents that occur or may arise. By having a total grasp of situations within their respective AORs, Coast Guard operating units are able to more effectively prevent, prepare and respond to maritime incidents
Towards this end, the following activities are undertaken:

Enhanced information and intelligence sharing with other government intelligence units to optimize the use of available assets and resources.
MOAs with partner nations such as with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan among others, to obtain real-time information on maritime safety, environmental protection and security in the international setting.

Improved maritime intelligence/information gathering, sharing, analysis and dissemination capabilities.

Expanded database concerning act ties in the operating environment including essential information about maritime incidents, ports and harbors, vessels, crew maritime passengers, cargoes, the working environment, and associated infrastructures. The development of the much-needed database will involve the participation and cooperation of other government agencies, non-government organizations, industry/shipping organizations/associations, private sector and other stakeholders. Credible system to monitor or track down the activities of undocumented or small vessels which are not covered by voyage reporting requirements.