Maritime Law Enforcement

Tour of Duty


The long arm of the law has been extended to catch up with smugglers, poachers, illegal fishers, drugs, firearms and human traffickers on land and sea. In Maritime Law Enforcement, Philippine Coast Guard Units composed of competent and highly-trained personnel from the Special Operations Group (SOG), Coast Guard K9 Unit, Task Force Sea Marshal and other operating forces are always ready to deter and neutralize such criminal acts and other maritime threats.


On a 24/7 basis, the Task Force Sea Marshal continues to provide security coverage to high-interest domestic vessels particularly major passenger-cargo vessels on long voyages, and mobile offshore drilling units. Task Force Sea Marshal (TFSM) which created by virtue of the authority vested by the office of the President in 2004, deploys composite teams of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), AFP NCRCOM and Philippine National Police Maritime Group (PNP MG) personnel on board vessels departing from various ports and act as security and deterrent forces while the vessels are underway. An element from the Philippine Coast Guard acts as head of every Sea Marshal Team. The TFSM which is composed of some 200 officers and enlisted personnel, is under the operational control of Coast Guard District National Capital Region-Central Luzon (CGDNCR-CL).