Growth in Service and Support Systems

The Commandant's Compass


The long-term strategic deployment plan of the PCG is geared towards prompt, flexible and sustained deployment of a minimum number and appropriate type of air, sea and land assets in all Districts and Stations that is sufficient to carry out the various coast guard functions. The layered strategy for safety and security and the tiered approach to marine pollution prevention and response requires the readiness of the PCG to perform its functions from the Headquarters level down to the smallest unit of the organization. However, the availability and cost effectiveness of service and support systems are necessary to support actual operations.

Thus the sustained deployment of air and sea assets is matched by the provision for service facilities and support systems Ships' deployments are supported by the availability of ample berthing space, shore power, modest repair and re-watering facilities, and other service amenities. Air assets have appropriate hangars protective enclosures, flexible fuel depots, storages other support facilities. Pollution response equipment like workboats, booms and skimmers have appropriate berthing and/or storage spaces and platforms such a land mobility vehicles to deploy and launch them to the spill site in the least possible time.

During actual search and rescue operations, the availability of an effective and reliable communications system is essential in ensuring close monitoring, proper coordination, prompt reporting and faster response time In law enforcement operations, ordnance and communications are necessary components which must be readily available for use and replenishment, if necessary. In the field of navigational safety, the availability of small boats and hauling vehicles are necessary to move aids to navigation (ATON) equipment and personnel to the remote areas. Appropriate storage areas are developed to secure and house ATON equipment and spares. Workshop facilities and equipment are maintained for the conduct of repair and maintenance of buoys and other ATON equipment.

Coast Guard Districts have dedicated and more reliable spaces for storing equipment and supplies used during operations. This is necessary in order to have proper inventory management and monitoring of stocks of critical spares/supplies. The PCG's self-reliance program, it is particularly the MRG is further strengthened to reduce the need for new procurements and the use of private contractors to conduct repair services for ordinary or simple derangements. The K-9 Unit is well supported in their in-house breeding, training and deployment programs to further improve on their self-reliance and sustainability

Medical, dental and spiritual services are well supported at the Districts Headquarters level to support the needs of personnel and their dependents. Legal services are readily available to afford the protection of personnel in the performance of their duties. Financial services a well improved to ensure faster remittances of salaries and other benefits including the processing of loans or individual savings or contributions.