Accountable Finance and Logistics System

The Commandant's Compass


Finance and logistics are the very lifeblood of any operation. Without a good finance and logistics support system, the conduct of prompt and sustained Coast Guard operations will not be possible. With the end view of improving the performance of its mandated functions, the PCG continues to ensure that an efficient and effective finance and logistics system is in place to support the various roles it has to perform in a rapidly changing maritime environment.

A carefully planned, developed and periodically reviewed and analyzed logistics support system is needed to ensure that field operating units, units afloat and air assets strategically deployed and positioned nationwide are promptly and sufficiently supported in their operational and material requirements. The logistics support system must encompass the entirety of PCG operations from prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, up to response and rehabilitation. To achieve this, the following priorities are put in place:

Logistical support is focused towards the timely and cost-effective delivery of supplies, materials, equipment and services to PCG units and personnel.

Basic support systems and facilities are continuously established and/or maintained in support of the PCG Deployment Program.

Mobility assets are maintained and operated through credible maintenance and repair program.

Economic measures are observed in all logistical activities through the timely procurement of supplies materials, equipment and services, energy conservation measures and other cost-cutting initiatives.

Information technology equipment and systems are upgraded for improved logistics and financial management in support of PCG operations.

The thrusts of the financial service or component of the organization are geared towards the following areas:

Continuing conduct of activities to accomplish the PCG mission such as:

Promotion of maritime safety and security.
Effective conduct of search and rescue.
Enhanced protection of the marine environment.
Strict enforcement of maritime laws
Security in the maritime environment.
Further enhancement of personnel morale and welfare.

Continuing upgrade in human resource organization, training capability and doctrines development.

Continuing improvement in the operational readiness of units and support systems.

Sustained national and international commitments.

Optimum utilization of resources.

Enhanced fiscal prudence, control measures and financial management systems in order to institute productivity, and generate savings in the implementation of programs, projects and activities of the on Command.

All PCG resources are properly managed, maintained or utilized and accounted for. All Unit Commanders or Project Administrators are held responsible and accountable for said resources in cases of losses or wastage through acts of imprudence or improper disposition.

Quarterly Program, Review and Analysis reports are religiously prepared and presented by Major Unit/District Commanders to the Commandant, PCG.

As a matter of policy, advance deliveries of supplies, materials, equipment and services are strictly not allowed unless expressly authorized by CPCG, funds are certified available, and utilized for emergency purposes only.

All procurements shall continue to be strictly in accordance with RA 9184 and the PCG Procurement Circular.

Based on the APB, unit Commanders are not to incur expenditures in excess of their allocated budget.

Unit Commanders are to always ensure that specific fund/logistical support for the purpose shall reach their subordinate units such as the Stations, Detachments and field/OPCON units promptly and as appropriated.

The grant, utilization and liquidation of cash advances are strictly governed by relevant regulations.

Scheduled and unscheduled expectations/audit of cash book and program of expenditures are periodically conducted to ensure compliance by accountable officers to existing regulations.

Based on an existing policy, priority in the utilization of cash allocation are given to personnel-related claims and mandatory or fixed expenditures such as POL, light and water, rentals and communications services.